“The Earth is what we all have in common.”


We know how important is to care our planet and our environmental. Is for that reason that our company always search the way to help and contribute with this special work. Our company is a wood seller, and you think How they can help if they need trees for their wood? Well, our company is one of  the companies that bring wood from a cultivate forests, this ones are cultivate with just one purpose "Cut them and use them for the wood". This kind of forest help to our environment until cut them, how? Throughout forest life, contributes with oxygen, create more trees with their seeds, help some animals, etc.  

Electric Forklifts


IMCO Lumber has electric forklifts because, these don't release emissions into the air that can hurt the planet or living beings. With these forklifts help to our environment and our employees and customers have a better experience here without noise and zero emissions. 

Solar Panels


Our next project will be change the electricity for solar energy.  Solar energy creates clean, renewable power from the sun and benefits the environment. 

If all of us could capture all of the sun’s energy shining on the Earth for just one hour, we could power the entire world for one year!